Recutting Solutions


We offer five types of recutters. Our basic and flexible mandrel type recutters are straightforward, multi-blade score cutters for moderate production needs. Our Mandrel Rockport Drum Cutters are high-speed recutters for demanding, high output production. The Rockport Q-32 reciprocating mandrel recutter is a flexible, higher output machine that can handle thicker walled cores as well as narrow widths. Our Rockport Single Core Cutters are for lower production needs and offer the greatest flexibility, tool changeover speeds, and greatest capacity.


Drum Cutters

High Speed & Productivity. Cutting 45mm diameter cores, 89mm long at a rate of 50,000 pieces per hour is just a typical example. Three standard models to choose from depending on your core size, production need and budget. In operation, the cores are positioned on an in-feed ramp that loads the revolving drum. The drum carries cores into the cutting zone where they are rotated rapidly and advanced through the precisely spaced Rockport cutting blades. Typical final cut tolerance is .010″ total (+-.005″).  The in-feed or parent core is systematically recut into finished pieces which discharge at the machine bottom. This operating cycle continues uninterrupted with no operator tube handling required during the recutting process. Special Rockport Drum Cutter Blades are manufactured and reconditioned at our facility by trained personnel to provide customers with a high-quality product with quick turnaround time.

Drum Cutters are best for:

1. Lighter wall cores

2. Larger production runs

3. Cutting Plastic Cores

4. Wet Cutting by Diamond Blades

5. 3/8″ up to 4″ diameters

Machine Features:

Variable Speed Blades

Variable Speed Rotational Bands

Variable Speed Drum To Control Throughout

Hard Chrome Plated Wear Surface


Model 255 Model 320 Model 500
Capacity 26″ / 660mm 32″ / 813mm 50″ / 1270mm
Max. Input Length 27″ / 685mm 34″ / 864mm 52″ / 1320mm
Max. Wall Thickness 3/32″ / 2.4mm 3/32″ / 2.4mm 3/32″ / 2.4mm


The Rockport Q-32 mandrel-type core cutter is designed for high speed repeatable recutting of various cores from narrow width to a heavy wall. Unique to the Q-Series is the use of a single automatic reciprocating mandrel. When fully retracted or open the parent core drops into place from the tube feed ramp. The rapid mandrel return stroke picks up the core which is immediately rotated when the mandrel clutch engages. Accurately spaced powered gang knives are immediately driven through the core wall by dual pneumatic cylinders. Cores up to 4″ in diameter may be sectioned at a continuous rate of up to 30 parent cores per minute depending on wall thickness. With a Q-Series recutter you get the smooth, burr-free cut of a mandrel recutter that produces very little cutting dust. Unique to the Q-Machine line of automated recutters is ECONOMICAL SINGLE MANDREL TOOLING. Each core size to be processed requires simple, single tooling consisting of a mandrel and matching stripper plate. You stock less tooling, therefore, less money is tied up in your tool inventory. The Q-Series is designed with the operator in mind, therefore, size changeover is less than 30 minutes and requires no special tools.

Operating Features:

Mandrel Tooling

1. Throughout of up to 30 parent cores per minute

2. Narrow width cutting capability down to 1/2″

3. Heavy wall capacity – up to 1/2″

4. Variable speed blade and mandrel control

5. Completely guarded for safe operation

6. Optional productivity enhancements

Machine Features

1. Operator Friendly Design

2. Simple setup and adjustment

3. Heavy 1″ Flat Ground Machine Frame

4. Prewired for rapid commissioning

5. Mandrel Options include Plastic Coated, Soft Steel or Hardened Steel


Stick Length-Max. 34″ (864mm)
Maximum Tube Wall 1/2″ (12.7mm)
Tube Diameter Range 1/2″ to 4″ (12.7-102mm)
Cut Accuracy ± .005″ (.13mm)
Knife Diameter 4″ (102mm)
Floor Space 110″ x 48″ (2.8 x 1.2m)
Cutting Knife High grade alloy knives maintain their edge longer. Available for immediate shipment from our stock.

Mandrel Recutters – Score Cutting

Small, economical, flexible…

Smooth, clean cutting that is more basic in operation and built with flexibility in mind. Rockport manufactures two standard models of mandrel type score cutting machines (SCH-24 and PTC-42) depending on the overall core sizes to be processed. These multiple cut, mandrel type, recutter will accept 24″ or 42″ long cores from 1/4″ to 6″ in diameter. Rockport score cutter assemblies mount on a dovetail bar and can be positioned to cut a variety of lengths from one parent core. The operator manually loads a tube on the cutting mandrel, initiates a cut cycle and manually strips cut pieces to complete the process. Standard unit has a foot-pedal cut operation with available options including pneumatic cut sequence, gang knives, and even powered gang knives. Both models may be equipped with optional equipment and productivity enhancements.

SCH-24 & PTC-42 best for:

1. Lower volume jobs

2. Fast setup

3. Easy size/length changes

4. Narrow width cutting


SCH-24 PTC-42
Capacity 24″ / 600mm 42″ / 1050mm
Max. Core Diameter 3″ / 72mm 6″ / 150mm
Max. Wall Thickness 3/32″ / 2.4mm 1/8″ / 3.1mm
Score Cutter Standard 1 7/8″ dia. Standard 1 7/8″ or jumbo 3″ dia.


Recutting Workstation

When the need is for dedicated high production. Built around a Rockport Recutter, we have added production enhancements which allow uninterrupted recutting and minimize operator intervention. Tube carts continuously supply parent cores which are automatically lifted by the tube elevator and fed into the recutter by a special in-feed ramp. Multiple tube carts allow cure time for fresh cores without disrupting the continuous operation and integrated dust collection keeps the work area clean. Cut tubes are removed from the operating area by a custom takeaway conveyor. These may be typical, non-orienting conveyors directing cut pieces to a collection hopper or custom engineered systems which incorporate directly into your existing production line and automatically move cut pieces to secondary operations – filling, capping etc. Rockport can accommodate most high production requirements working closely with your engineering and production control departments.


Single Core Cutter

Steel service centers that slit and rewind metals will benefit from the Rockport LSCC as a replacment for low quality in-house built recutters or even worse circular saws that are very dangerous to use and produce poor quality cuts.